CP Knowhow LLC 
Cause progress.  

CP Knowhow is a boutique strategy and communications firm in Washington, DC. CP stands for "cause progress." Our mission is to advance good causes and to help good businesses grow & progress. Our work focuses on enhancing quality of life for humans and animals worldwidewhether by spotlighting important issues or by publicizing quality products & services.

CP Knowhow helps dynamic, forward-thinking companies and nonprofits hone strategy and streamline project management. And then we tell their stories in a way that compels people to take action:

  • We plan and lead media campaigns that get the word out in ink, create blogger buzz, and put your spokespeople on radio and TV. 
  • We ghostwrite and place op-eds, letters to the editor, and news articles.
  • We write and develop brochures, websites, and comprehensive reports — outlining an initial concept, drafting and editing text, and overseeing design and production.
  • We work with nonprofits, government agencies, and corporations large and small.

This CP Knowhow video says it all. Cause progress.

CP Knowhow assists clients in building a public relations presence. We help you clarify goals, identify targets, determine a strategy and outreach tactics, and then put that plan into action.

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